This special Vinusak String Lanyard is homemade by the Rungus women who reside in the longhouses of the northern district of Kudat, Sabah. It is available in various colours but for 24th FMSC, we custom made it to a royal blue Litai which looks elegant.

The motif on this Litai / Lanyard is called Vinusak – inspired by young flower buds which are symbol of life. It is believed that the Litai brings good fortune and good health to its wearer.


This is a local product specially designed by Magic Bamboo Craft Av’Vasi who won the award Malaysia Good Design Award 2019 by Malaysia Design Council. These all are weaved by the women who reside in western side of Sabah, Keningau.

The motif on this Bamboo Woven Bag is Kinikuo – Snake. It is a symbol of life and heath, reborn in the act of moulting the skin.

~ Litai Vinusak Lanyards Limited for FIRST 800 Delegates

~ Bamboo Woven Folder Bags Limited for FIRST 400 Delegates

~ Extra Special Gift:

24th FMSC Jute Bags Limited for

FIRST 800 Delegates ♥

Buying handmade craft from small business is more than buying an object. It means buying hundred of hour of hard labor. You buy days, weeks and month of the makers life…

~ Quoted from S. Narty, Av’Vasi ~