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The abstract submission guidelines for the 24th Family Medicine Scientific Conference (24th FMSC) are intended to provide clear instructions before submitting an abstract. You are encouraged to read the guidelines below carefully. The 24th FMSC Scientific Committee (SC) and Advisory Board (AB) reserve the right to reject any abstract that does not meet the requirements or is in violation of them.



The deadline for abstract submission is 15th July 2022. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered. Abstracts will only be included in the abstract book if the registration fee is paid.



  1. All abstracts should be sent to
  2. The Scientific Committee (SC) encourages the submission of original scientific material unpublished and has not been presented at the time of the abstract submission deadline.
  3. Research type and topic:
    1. Preclinical research: Basic laboratory research (physiological or molecular biological research or animal models) that has practical implications for primary care.
    2. Translational research: Research that reports data about translation of preclinical knowledge into clinical applications (e.g., phase 1 clinical trials)
    3. Clinical study/ trial: Research that reports about epidemiological data, specific disease states (e.g., risk factors of a disease, evaluation of diagnostic techniques and therapies), data about the safety or benefits of a primary care intervention (e.g., medications, training method, teaching concept, behavioural change, etc) in human subjects
    4. Clinical case report/ case series: A report that has practical, novel or innovative learning points from primary care cases.
  4. Do not submit the same study in multiple abstracts. Abstracts that appear as more than one version of a single study will be rejected.
  5. Abstracts should be submitted in clear English to allow the reviewers to focus on the scientific content of the abstract.
  6. Abstracts should be checked for grammar and spelling errors. Abstracts will not be modified once submitted.



Abstract submitted should have significant content regarding Primary Care. A panel of local experts will review the abstracts. Each abstract will be reviewed independently and by the committee before being accepted. There is no limit to the number of submissions per participant. The corresponding author will receive a confirmation of acceptance for oral presentation or poster by e-mail between 15th July 2022 to 31st July 2022. Authors of abstracts selected for an oral presentation will be informed about the date of the session and presentation guidelines will be provided. Poster presenters will be informed about the date of the poster session and will receive guidelines for their presentation. All accepted abstracts will be published in the abstract book.

We accept all abstracts except:

  1. if all authors in the paper are the committee members of 24th FMSC
  2. if submitting for poster, the first author should not be the committee member of 24th FMSC
  3. if selected for oral presentation, the presenter should not be the committee member


Withdrawal policy: If authors wish to withdraw their abstracts, they are requested to send a letter via e-mail to the conference secretariat before 31st July 2022.

Prior to abstract submission, ensure that the following are agreed upon by all authors:

  1. Aware that their names will appear on the abstract and all authors agree to the submission and presentation of the results.
  2. Understand that the poster and/or oral presentation may be photographed, videotaped and / or recorded via other media during presentation.
  3. Understand that all possible patent and copyright issues must be resolved before submission.



Authors – Please follow instructions for all author and co-author details. Type the full name, affiliation, and complete address, for EVERY author listed. The name of the presenting author should be underlined.

  1. Abstract title: The title should be explicit.
  2. Abstract body – Narrative: The abstract narrative should be no more than 250 words. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, and single spacing. Please define all abbreviations and concepts in your abstract at first use. The abstract should include the following:
  • Aims / Background: Indicating the objective(s) of your investigation / research question.
  • Methodology: An explanation of the study design and experimental methods used.
  • Results: The essential results observed in summary form. Sufficient quantitative data and statistical tests should be presented. Statements like “to be completed” are not acceptable (except for case reports or case series).
  • Conclusion: Conclusion should be supported by the findings within your results.
  • Keywords: Not more than 3.
  • Mode of presentation– Upon submitting the abstract, the preferred mode of presentation should be selected. Presentation preference can be oral (O) or poster (P). The final mode of presentation is at the discretion of the SC.


* For case report submission, please follow the template format available in the website.



  1. Time allocated: Oral presentation is 8 minutes plus 2 minutes for questions from the judges.
  2. Presenter has to attend physically to present his or her oral presentation.
  3. Please download the standardised format of powerpoint presentation for oral presentation at
  4. Further details will be updated in due course.



Poster should be well labelled and visible from a distance of 10 feet. The title should be the same as the title submitted in the abstract.

Further details including dimensions of poster will be updated in due course.


last but not least….

Call for Abstract
Abstract Submission before 15th July 2022

Participants will received confirmation of acceptance by 31st July 2022

  • For POSTER presentation (poster booth): size of poster A1 in potrait.
  • For ORAL presentation: Presenter has to attend physically to present his or her oral presentation at the symposium.


Case reports template

Preclinical clinical study asbtract submission form template